I develop creative apps and websites.
Both Back-end and Front-end development.


A summary of the tools and languages I use.
I use Unity Game Engine for rapid prototyping and development of games and apps on different target platforms. I organise and structure my projects carefully, and use .NET (C#) as my main programming language.

I use Wordpress CMS to efficiently build responsive and beautiful websites that meet the needs of their owners. I plan them, build them and make sure they work cross-browsers and cross-platform.

I use NodeJS to develop fast and powerful JavaScript web apps, using libraries such as MongoDB to build databases, and MochaJS testing framework to minimise the risks of breaking the code.

I'm experienced with targeting different platforms, and always keep portability in mind when designing and planning my projects. Working with different platforms means that I have to plan the UI and user experience carefully, and remember that different platforms may require completely different ways of interaction. UX design interests me a lot as I get fascinated by human behaviour, and so I take interaction design seriously when developing my projects.

My favourite programming language is C#, which I use whenever I can. When I use Unity, C# is a must. I'm also experienced with building native C++ applications, using frameworks like SDL.
My experience in web development with HTML and CSS is more than a decade old. I'm also experienced with JavaScript and am aspiring to make creative and powerful websites and web apps, that not only look good but also feel good.

In order to work efficiently and collaboratively, and master a complete workflow from planning to deployment and maintenance, it is important to make use of the great tools out there that help with this.
I use GitHub for versioning and storing projects on the cloud, so that my projects are accessible anytime and from anywhere. I'm also experienced and comfortable using Perforce for this the same purpose.
I use Jenkins to automate the building process, inject commands with batch script, and send build reports to social media accounts such as slack channels or email addresses.


Without getting too philosophical about it


Director | Developer
I believe in people, in inspiring and empowering individuals to rise. And I aspire to lead by example. I made my first simple website back in 2004. and have since then done a BSc in games development and an MSc in computer games technology, worked with different tools, and have done both back-end and front-end development over the years. I’m a fan of Unity game engine and the Wordpress CMS. And of this Robot I painted.


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